ReMoved (2013)

When trawling through the categories of Vimeo the other day, I came across a diamond in the rough. Don’t get me wrong – this sin’t something from an unknown filmmaker that I have discovered and want to show to the world – it’s a multi award winning short film that you may have seen before. However, I loved this when I first saw it. The photography is brilliant – the acting is fantastic from the young girl and the unfolding story envelops your senses and draws you in.

I have a turn of phrase for these films – Blackhole Films. Films where you begin to watch and next thing you know it’s 20 minutes later, the credits are rolling and everyone in your office is staring at you because you are crying uncontrollably.

This is one of those films.


ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out their profile on Vimeo  for the follow up to this film – just as moving and brilliantly filmed.


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